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System requirements

Reputami contains features with technical requirements that need to be fulfilled on the user's side.

Below you find a list of these system requirements.

Operating System

  • Apple Mac OSX version 10.6 and higher or
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1) or
  • Apple iOS version 6.0 and higher or
  • Google Android OS version 4.2.2 „Jelly Bean“ and higher

Internet browser

  • Google Chrome version 25 and higher or
  • Apple Safari version 5.0 and higher or
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 and higher or
  • Mozilla Firefox version 16 and higher or
  • Apple Mobile Safari version iOS 6.0 and higher or
  • Google Chrome Mobile


Using Reputami can also be possible with devices and/or system versions that are not listed above. However, these are not tested concerning their compatibility with Reputami.

Any questions left?

Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions left. Thank you.