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Review Generation

Collect your own review content.

Through Reputami you can create post-experience surveys and start collecting reviews from your customers in just a few clicks.

Review collection
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Review Management

Every review about your hotel in a unified interface.

Reputami aggregates the reviews about your hotel or restaurant from the countless websites and displays them in one simple overview so you can concentrate on the content instead of searching for reviews all over the web.

Reputami monitors the following review platforms, social media websites and location-based services for you:

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Semantic Topic Analysis

Do you know how satisfied your customers are with your service?

Together with experts from the hospitality industry we developed an algorithm that breaks down millions of reviews into over 130 hospitality-specific topics and related concepts, from food quality to WiFi speed. Our technology analyzes the sentiment of each mention, classifying it as either positive or negative. This gives you unseen insights on all your online reviews.

Semantic review topic analysis

It's based on data sience, but it truly feels like magic.

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Rich Guest Profiles

Get to know your guests from their digital side.

Your guests are more digital than you might think. With Reputami you will get to know the faces behind the reviews and understand how influential they are.

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Customer Search™

Visualise your guests before they walk through your door the next day.

With Customer Search™ Reputami introduced the world's first search engine for guest influence.

Your reservation list for the upcoming day gives you the information advantage to know exactly who will walk through your door tomorrow. Now you can use our innovative search engine to get to know the social influence of tomorrow's guests.

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Instant Notifications

Never miss an important review again.

Your guests will not notify you when they write the next influencing review. Reputami does. Keep track of all reviews and photos that are published about your hotel with instant notifications sent right into your inbox.

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Widgets & Social Media

Enrich your hotel website and social media marketing with honest guest feedback.

One of the keys to increasing direct bookings from your website is - with no surprise - valuable content.
Use Reputami's Widgets to add great guest reviews and posts directly to your hotel website.

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This is what our widgets look like:

(Of course they are easy to customise to fit the look & feel of your hotel website)